Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/28 Friday night at Iva Lee's

Cruise out to this hip, San Clemente restaurant, Iva Lee's! Amazing authentic New Orleans style southern food, a cozy bar and a lively atmosphere. Adrian Demain and I will be doing our duo thing.

Check out a video of us doing my song "Hush" ukulele style at the Adams Ave. Roots Festival.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So Many Projects!

This month is a chaotic one...plenty of shows, the debut of The Neverout (with a new lineup and sound), the launch of my website MerchMover, and many other odds & ends coming together. So I've decided it's time for a spring clean. Time to get it all organized and (hopefully *sigh*) simplified! I'm looking forward to everything having it's place. This website will serve as the hub for all things Nena Anderson, with links to all of my other projects: Solo performances, Creative work, Photography, MerchMover, The Neverout, Brawley, Jazz, and my cooking blog Nena's Cocina. Whew! Time to get crackin'...