Thursday, June 14, 2012

KPBS-FM Interviews Nena Anderson

Via site: "KPBS Midday Edition speaks with Nena Anderson about her creative process, her first record and the challenges of being a musician today. 

Whether she's playing solo shows or fronting her band, The Mules, Anderson is known around town for her lush, bluesy country-and-jazz-tinged vocals (think Neko Case meets Billie Holiday) and commanding stage presence. Last fall, Anderson released her debut record, "Beyond The Lights," which showcases her infectious blend of the blues, jazz, country and Americana. It's thoroughly modern music with lots of vintage charm."

Thanks to Host, Maureen Cavanaugh and Production Asst. extraordinaire, Claire Caraska for a great interview! 

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE or read the transcript