Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 16, Belly Up benefit for Candye Kane

 I'm producing a special edition of Brawley's BarRoom Ball this month to support our friend Candye Cane. Join us to raise funds and make joyous music to help her through her continued battle with cancer.  Advanced tickets here: http://bellyup.com/brawleys-blues-ball-for-candye-kane-ft-james-harman

As of March 4 via Laura Chavez:
"Candye Update: The procedure took place on Wednesday and the doctors were successful in provoking and locating the bleed. Unfortunately, once it started it was very difficult to control and she suffered tremendous blood loss throughout the procedure and over the night. Things have stabilized more now and she is resting comfortably in the ICU. We knew this was a risk of the procedure but I don't think anyone expected the level of blood loss that occurred. As always, she proves she is the Toughest Girl Alive and the medical team here at Cedars worked and worked along with her and never gave up. They cannot stop commenting on just how strong and tough she is. But she still needs all of our prayers and energy and light in hopes she continues to stabilize and they are able ween her off of sedation and the breathing tube and most of all, that the bleeding stops for good.
 Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and continue to send white light and continue to visualize her back onstage, in all of her beads and feathers, where she belongs and belting out "I'm The Toughest Girl Alive" for all of us.
You can also help by donating directly to Paypal, at candyekanetour@aol.com or donating blood at your local blood bank.