Monday, July 1, 2013

Song for Avery Lynn

I recently wrote a song for the daughter of a friend of mine. Her story and theirs has touched me deeply and in hopes of raising a little cash and hopefully lots of spirits, I offer you "Avery Smile." It's a demo...please excuse the recording quality!  :)  If you purchase the download, I will send you a full studio version of the song for free once it's recorded. 

Avery's family has been very supportive of me over the years...wonderful, caring, music-loving, life-loving people!  My heart goes out to them and I am reminded to be ever grateful for the health of my family.

I have embedded the song here (but i'm not sure if it will show up) you can also go to my website store to purchase it. It's only a dollar, but you can donate however much you wish. All proceeds go to Avery. Scroll down to read more about here story.

Go HERE to listen or purchase the song.

From Avery's Go Fund Me site :  
"On March 28th 2012 Avery was taken to children's hospital for what everyone thought was a flu. Our lives were turned upside down in the blink of an eye. What followed was a litany of tests, procedures, extended hospital stays, and treatments to sustain our beautiful 2 year old Avery while doctors searched for a diagnosis. 120 blood and platelet transfusions, 6 bone marrow biopsies and 7 months of chemotherapy later we have a diagnosis- MDS (myelodystlastic syndrome). Our next step is a stem cell transplant (cord blood). To make this miracle work this month we will be admitted to the children's hospital, in the pediatric oncology ward for a minimum of 2 to 5 months of hospitalized ISOLATION. Starting with an intense regime of chemotherapy, to kill her immune system so she can receive the stem cell transplant. We are blessed that we have 3 possible matches.

It's hard to talk about money when there are many more important things on our hearts but it too is a reality. Because of Avery's extended hospitalizations and compounding medical bills we need help. We will be living in the Ronald McDonald house while we stay by our angels side during her brave fight. We are asking for donations to help offset all the costs. While all the money is going out nothing is coming in. We humbly ask for any help you can give, knowing these times are difficult for everyone. If you cannot give financially we ask that you hold our family up in prayer, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. These donations will allow us to be by our baby girls side while she fights the fight of her life."

Visit the site to learn more or make an additional donation. You can follow Avery's progress here on Facebook, Our Angel Avery Lynn

Toronto with For The Sender

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"@AlexWoodard & I signing @ForTheSender books at I Can Do It! Toronto #icditor13 #4sender @hayhouseinc "
(taken at Roy Thomson Hall)