Monday, May 18, 2015

Brawley's BarRoom Ball - May 20

Got plans for Wednesday night?  You do now!

Wed. May 20, 2015  ||  7pm doors • 8pm show

I'm hosting a great night of music featuring my band, Brawley
along with two Award-Winning Americana bands, 

I am thrilled to finally be bringing you Brawley's BarRoom Ball! The BarRoom Ball is a series of concerts featuring 3 live bands, local or guests, in the genres of American music: Country, Western Swing, Outlaw Country, Alt Country, Americana, Roots Rock, or Rockabilly. With an open wide dance floor and a world-class sound system and staff, we are proud to present these shows at Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA.  Original music only (no tribute bands or cover bands)

Here's a little more about the bands this month:
Sara Petite & The Sugar Daddies: Sara Petite is a gifted singer-songwriter who possesses the unique ability to reach the hearts and souls of fans young and old. She has the rare gift to craft songs that appeal equally, but are interpreted differently by fans of diverse perspectives. This comes through in her live performances as well. A true original, Sara's music does not conveniently fit into any one musical genre or sub-category, but rather traces her influences in country, bluegrass, rock and folk, and emerges into a sound completely her own. As welcome in senior citizen centers as she is in biker bars, nightclub venues and festivals, Sara is as American as apple pie and Harley Davidson. She is gritty, she is wild, she is tender with a soul of a child.

Freightshakers : Ameripolitan Award Winner 2015, Outlaw Country. So while everyone sits around moaning the blues about the "death of the LA Country scene"...these boys fly a big finger in the face of the 70's rock that is being passed off as country music on the radio. Led by Gethen Jenkins who arrived in Southern California via West Virginia and Alaska (somebody get that boy a damn map!!) these boys are keeping country alive regardless of FM radio. Throw on a worn-out truckers cap, pop open something cold and cheap, and get ready for a good time!

  And for fun, a video from our BarRoom Ball in December