Thursday, August 6, 2009

Creating Change

Saturday I will spend my day as a volunteer and observer at the North Park Music Thing. I hear so many musicians grumble and complain about working situations in San Diego and the so called scene. And after 17 years as a working musician in San Diego, I have been one of them on many occasion. Yet there is something here...spark and care, encouragement and nurturing (and sometimes an ass-kicking) I have been so lucky to have experienced from my talented San Diego friends. The music industry is changing. Where it's going...we all wait and watch and listen. I'm not much of a "wait and see" kinda gal. So I am choosing to become a participant, a mover, driven to start creating the changes to what will inspire and hopefully support me as an artist. Maybe it's not a big thing (i'll see you at the registration desk *smile*) but it is a just a start. Research. Observation. Networking. Educating. Evolving. Creating Change.