Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Artist of the Month - Chris James & Patrick Rynn

Every month I will feature a musician, artist, or writer that has influenced me. For fun. For December I want to introduce you to Chris James and Patrick Rynn.

I met these guys not long after I started singing blues and jump in nightclubs around San Diego...around 1995. I believe my friendship with them started when Patrick filled in on upright bass for a few shows with my band, Lucky Scandal & the Many Shades of Sin. His skills as a player and his easy-going, happy smile made him a joy to share the bandstand with. Chris James, I soon learned was not only an amazing singer and blues shouter, but played guitar unlike anyone I had ever heard in San Diego.

Over the years Chris and Patrick and I became mutual fans, friends, and occasional bandmates. Their extensive knowledge of music, particularly blues and jazz, fed my fascination with those sounds and artists and my own developing vocal and writing style. Their care and dedication to their art remains an incredible inspiration to me.

I was thrilled to photograph the cover of their debut album (nominated for a WC Handy Award) and always look forward to any opportunity to hang with them, whether laughing over a beer or singing on the stage.

These guys also have a band called The Blue Four and are part of the Rhythm Room Allstars. While they spend most of the summer touring, you can catch them in San Diego, Phoenix, and Chicago on a regular basis. I highly recommend catching a show