Monday, June 28, 2010

Whatdaya Call It? Genre Labels

I struggle with the idea of labeling. I understand that people need a way to describe things, shelf them in an orderly manner, and have a way to compare to others. My struggle is...where do I fit? Or more specifically, my music?

With distinct elements of blues, jazz, country, rock (and sometimes punk) in my songs, it seems to me that the only clear description would be rock. That too, however, has become a convoluted descriptor. Originally, wasn't rock the obvious evolution of American roots music?

Labeling aside, I will continue to pepper my set with a mixture of instrumentation and genres. I love the spontaneity of a mix of players interpreting my songs. And choosing my covers based on my mood or the feel of the show. Perhaps sometimes it will be a blues show. Or a country show. Or a rock show. Does it matter?