Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Music Video Premier - "I Fall In Love Too Fast"

Official Music Video for "I Fall In Love Too Fast" the first single from Nena Anderson's debut album BEYOND THE LIGHTS. All shot on location in Los Angeles.
Nena Anderson: vocals/guitar, Mike Butler: guitar, Patrick McClory: bass, Brian Cantrell: drums, David Berzansky: pedal steel
Cd or digital download available on Itunes, Amazon and CdBaby.
Directed by D. David Morin http://www.ddavidmorin.com
Produced by Lofty Films http://www.loftyfilms.net
I Fall In Love Too Fast ©2010 Nena Anderson, Antique Rodeo BMI
©2011 Nena Anderson & D. David Morin/Lofty Films