Thursday, December 8, 2011

Written For The Sender

For as long as I can remember I've written notes and letters to express my feelings...anger, worry, sadness, hope, and love. And for nearly as long, I have stashed them away in books, boxes, drawers and journals. Rarely did one of those letters ever get sent to whom it was written for. They were written for me. Written to let go. Written to accept. Written to process the emotions of the moment. Writing that would eventually evolve into my craft as a songwriter...without even knowing it.
Letters written (sent or not) became the spark for a roaring fire that has become For The Sender, a project created by singer-songwriter, Alex Woodard. It consists of a book, a twelve song album and a concert event, all benefiting several charities. Tuesday, this two-year project was released to the public (website form only) to promote the concert to be held January 19, 2012. Plans for the book/album release are for Spring 2012.
Almost exactly two years ago I met Alex Woodard: singer-songwriter and neighbor. I had reached out to him to pick his brain about music business and more importantly songwriting. I had never considered myself a songwriter and in working on my debut album, I was hungry for skills, advice and inspiration. Over that first cup of coffee he challenged me to write a song.
Alex had been receiving letters from fans telling him about their life stories, tragedies and hopes. Their stories inspired him...not only to write...but to help them. He had a plan to take several of these letters and collaborate with local musician friends to write songs about them. He hoped that we could then play and record the songs for each letter author as a gift. Within the week, Alex had forwarded me one of those letters.
Over the two years that followed, Alex wrote a book about his story, his own letter, and how the For The Sender project became a part of it. The songs (and especially playing them for the authors) are as touching as the letters, capturing the incredible emotions and stories...moments never to be forgotten.
Alex Woodard and I co-wrote "Hush" for Katelyn, widow of a police officer, fallen in the line of duty, who had written Alex her story in a letter. At the time she had a newborn three years old. The letter is about loss, hope and love. So is the song. read it here
I can't express how honored I am to be a part of this project...everyone involved is incredibly talented, generous, genuine and open...from the musicians to the authors of each letter. I have truly experienced how music can heal and touch people and how powerful our gifts are as musicians. Watch the videos, read the letters, listen to the music clips and become a part of it. We're all wearing our hearts on our sleeves.
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For The Sender features the voices of Jon Foreman (Switchfoot), Sara & Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek), Jack Tempchin, Molly Jenson, Jordon Pundik (New Found Glory), Nena Anderson and Alex Woodard.
For The Sender - Concert