Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Imagine Now For Ages

Again last

Popped the cork on itself --
Splattered my brains
Across the

I imagine now for ages
Something of Hafiz
Will appear

To fall like

~ Hafiz
"I Imagine Now For Ages"

I woke up this morning feeling like it was all a dream.  Love was in the air, in the room, in the music, in the words. Last night was our first For The Sender show in nearly a year.

To commemorate the release of Alex Woodard's second book of the book/album/concert series, For The Sender: Love is (Not a Feeling), we performed a ninety minute set of songs accompanied by readings of letters by the senders and stories of the artists. Lending their talents in voice and instrumentation were: Alex Woodard, Jordan Pundik, Molly Jenson, Jack Tempchin, Graham Nancarrow, Dean Cote, Keith Scott, Andy Powers, Patrick McClory, Brian Young, and myself.   

(For The Sender books are based on the writing of Alex Woodard...and a project that evolved over several "family dinners" in which he asked a few songwriter friends to collaborate with him in writing songs about letters that fans had written to him. The letters are all stories of overcoming tragedy, hope, or uplifting in helping others. The songs do the same.)

(L to R) Keith, Jack, Me, Jordan & Graham.  Photo by Susie Nancarrow
Working with such talented artists is a joy! With minimal rehearsal, yet the utmost professionalism and talent, this group assembled for what would be an unforgettable night punctuated by touching "thank yous" and piercing guitar leads. But why was it like a dream? Unlike any project I've ever been involved in, For The Sender truly connects people.  It ties us through sharing our life stories and bonds us through emotion only conveyed through music.  

I imagine now, that I will (for ages) be always striving to achieve that same connection every time I grace the stage, every time I pick up my guitar, every time I write a verse. That's Love.

My personal highlights from the show:  
  • "THIS BAND ROCKS!!!" shouted joyously by Jack Tempchin during the final few bars of our encore song (his "Already Gone") .... or maybe he said "KILLER BAND!!" get the idea
  • A poignant reading by Dan, of his letter to his friend who lost his life to ALS, followed by an energetic version of "Breathe The Sky" by Jordan and Molly, voices soaring
  • Alex Woodard zig-zagging across the stage like a pinball, tripping everyone up on stage with his guitar cable, while excitedly directing solos, laughing, singing, and playing guitar during Graham's song "We Aint Got The Time"
  • Singing Jack's beautiful song, "Act of God" with him
  • Smiling and laughing and singing until my face hurt with Molly, Jordan and Graham