Thursday, April 30, 2015

Interview by The Artist Odyssey

I've been working with this amazing project over the last year called The Artist Odyssey. They interview fine artists, actors, filmmakers, musicians and artist demos, etc...then present them to you via video (like Iconoclasts or Inside the Actors Studio.) Today, they are the featured Kickstarter campaign! Subscribe for as little as $5 for access to videos, events and more and they will provide a FREE subscription to the school of your choice. So in addition to great programs, you're also providing arts curriculum much needed in our education system.

Watch the video below and get involved. Some of the artists already that have been interviewed include Roy Ruiz Clayton, Todd Glaser Photography, Fine Art by Trinh Mai, Dead Rock West's Frank Lee Drennen, Marc Ford, Mario Torero, Alexander Schaffer Czech, and me!